Monday, January 16, 2012

What a fabulous Saturday at Hip Stitch.....if you didn't make it by for Open House, you missed a fun time! (but maybe you had soccer games or birthday parties or grocery shopping or napping or other essentials to life)

We ate, we drank, we shared class ideas and looked at displays and bought fabric and patterns and discussed Gees Bend Quilters and the Modern Quilt Guild and debated modern vs. traditional quilting (I insist it doesn't have to be one or the other, for pete's sake), and talked patterns and what we liked and didn't, and it was just a great day of creativity and I was EXHAUSTED at 5:00 but it was all good.

We looked through the pages of the new Stitch magazine, and found this:

just as Marcia was teaching her Sashiko embroidery class.  So cool!  So, I snapped a few pics of the designs drawn onto fabric, but alas, didn't get any of the embroidery:

Lisa stopped in, wearing her Peasant Dress - she's made 4 of them, I think (she's beat me - I have only 3!)

then Cheryl stopped in wearing her Schoolhouse Tunic, made of Tina Given's Haven's Edge voile:
a close-up 

a blurry and -ugh- doesn't want to rotate picture.  I love love love this tunic!  It was just fabulous on her, too.

And I didn't yet snap a picture of Bralia's 3 Patch Quilt, which she made with Heather Bailey's Pop's beautiful!  Her class starts Sunday, Jan. 29 - a 3 part....are you signed up yet?!

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