Monday, December 27, 2010


Are you getting the message?  There's a SALE this week at the store - our biggest ever!  Everything in the store is marked down - EVERYTHING - for one week only.  Yes, even Soul Blossom - 10% off.  Come shop - from 10%-50% off regular prices!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's all here!

Amy Butler......Soul Blossom......all in!

Home Dec. just arrived.....laminated cotton arriving tomorrow (Monday).....just makes me want to wrap my entire house in it!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Indulge me.... I stray from blogging for Hip Stitch to blogging about the fact that I'm about to become the mother of a teenager - 13 today.  We started here:

I blinked, and we were here.....with handmade Halloween costumes (saved in my trunk for all time):
....then here, with her 1st lost tooth:

and now we're here:
 Blue retainer for her teeth, almost as tall as I am, we're heading into the teen years together!  (The felt mushroom she's holding in the picture above is this handmade gift from her sister)  Happy Birthday, sweet Jane!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh Baby

This one just melted my we just HAD to plop her on the cutting table and take a picture!  Can you tell I love babies?!  Can you tell when you walk in the door with one and I'm dying to hold him or her?!  Whether it be Alistair, or Chloe, or Sophie, or Heidi, or Suki, or Will, or the many many adorable wee ones that come to Hip Stitch, they make my day......don't get me wrong, I love my own 2 "babies", who are now 10 and ALMOST 13 (this week!)......but there's something about a baby that just melts me...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Trying sooooo hard to keep up......

....with all you incredible people, that is!  So here's a little more of what's been sewn by these fabulous customers!

Veronica's FITTED PANTS...why is that in all caps, you wonder?!  Because she drafted the pattern and made..... FITTED PANTS!  And they look fabulous on her....and I think everyone should give this class a go, and make themselves a pair of pants!  I'm so darn impressed with how they looked on her....and, ahem....I will be finishing mine very soon, right, Sharon?!

Projects by Tina:

This applique on a zippered pouch.  I thought at 1st that this was the actual fabric, but had to do a double-take to see that she had perfectly-placed and perfectly stitched the pieces onto a solid fabric. And also by Tina:
A sewing caddy to hang off the edge of your table by your machine, or on the arm of your chair or sofa while you craft, sip your glass of wine and watch Modern Family (oh wait, that last line was just my personal input!)  Tina used a gorgeous combination of Moda, Alexander Henry and Leisl Gibson fabrics.

Rughooking class in progress:

I really, really, really want to learn to be a hooker! (get your mind out of the gutter,  you!)  I usually stay at the store when this class takes place in the evening, and I eavesdrop on the goings-on as I putz around, cleaning.....with envy and longing to be a part of this age-old craft.  New class beginning in January!

And speaking of new classes.....I'm happy to introduce a new teacher, Shirley Kay Wolfersberger, who will be teaching 2 new classes in the next few months.  I met Shirley Kay and her friend Carol at Hip Stitch one day a while back.  We talked, they shared a little about themselves.  I asked to see some of their work, and you could have knocked me over with what they produced.....talent so incredible.....sewing, embroidery, needle art, design work, and more.  They were like Mary Poppins pulling more and more out of her carpet bag!  Shirley Kay is going to teach an all-day workshop on January 29, from 10-5, called "Creativity by Design".  More details on the website calendar, WHICH, by the way, is having some google issues......all the classes are popping up 1 or 2 days off.  I'm told by my computer guru that this is a temporary problem w/google, and should be fixed soon!

And one more show & tell......made by Maria, a new crafty chick to Hip Stitch, who's realizing how ADDICTING sewing is.....

.....from One Yard Wonders, meet Elodie the Elephant!

Fabric that just came in today, which had been back-ordered for some time:

 Alexander Henry's Vie en Rose and Amelie.