Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Norma Rose: The Backstory


It's not often that hearing the backstory on a designer line of fabric can make your eyes misty, but that was definitely the case when we connected recently with Natalie Barnes, designer of the colorful new Norma Rose collection now available for pre-sales from Hip Stitch. 

Norma Rose by Natalie Barnes for Windham Fabrics 

Natalie's design business is Beyond The Reef, and Norma Rose is her latest collection for Windham. It was an easy collection to create because its namesake and inspiration was close to her heart: it's all about her mom. 

The signature print, shown above in two colorways, taps into her mom's love of roses. Wherever Natalie's parents lived, they always managed to plant a rose garden. And her mom always filled her kitchen with fragrant rose bouquets, Natalie recalls. 

Other prints in the collection (see below) literally carry her mom's mark, including the print set against a background of handwritten recipes from Norma Rose's own recipe box. And there are more geometrics, prints and blenders rounding out the full collection.

Don't just take our word for it, though. Listen to our interview with Natalie, and hear her tell the stories. (And get your order in now, because the yardage and Fat Quarter bundles are going fast!

Natalie Barnes of Beyond The Reef 

Monday, September 28, 2020

Anita Marsh McSorley


With affection, respect and sadness, we would like to tell you a little about Anita Marsh McSorley, a prolific and talented local quilting leader who recently lost her battle with cancer.

We don't want to dwell on the sad aspects of Anita's passing, but on her kind spirit, abundant textile talent and skill and dedication to helping the Albuquerque fiber arts community grow and thrive.

If you were ever part of the Row by Row crush of visitors to Hip Stitch a few years ago, from you saw Anita's design prowess. Some of Hip Stitch's whimsical blocks in that annual promotional program were designed by Anita. (See one of her Row by Row block designs pictured above.) One year, her block showcased our new shop, and another year, she included Sock Monkey, which by default has become one of our shop mascots. (Or at least our spirit guide, because we aren't a very serious bunch at Hip Stitch.)

One of Anita's textile gifts was a deftness with color in both her own quilting and design work, and her hand-dyed fabric cuts. We had the privilege of offering Anita's hand-dyed fabrics to customers, as well as other pattern designs she created from time to time.

Anita was also active in the Albuquerque chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild, but perhaps her most notable quilty accomplishments came from her work with the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council (FAC), which encompasses more than 16 different fiber arts guilds in the city. For six years, Anita was also director of the Fiber Arts Fiesta, a biennial show hosted by the FAC.  She managed the various aspects of show production with skill and diplomacy, only recently turning leadership of the 2021 Fiesta over to others.   

All that said, you know what we remember most about Anita? Her sunny spirit and friendliness. Her positive attitude and openness to new ideas and projects. A darned nice lady who loved people and quilts.   

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Moda’s National Sew A Jelly Roll Day is Sept. 19! Are You Ready to Roll?

UPDATE: Our supply of Glorious Autumn Junior Jelly Rolls is gone, gone, gone (and we won't be getting more), so if you're interested in participating in our National Sew A Jelly Roll fun, place your orders now!

Let’s do a little Jelly Roll math...

It takes 38 Jelly Rolls laid end to end to equal a little more than a mile. 

So, how many Jelly Rolls does it take to speed you on your creative sewing journey?

As many as you want!

Load up for Moda’s National Sew A Jelly Roll Day, September 19, with Jelly Roll Quilt Kits from Hip Stitch! (Plus they come in a re-usable bag! How sweet is that?)

Our seven kits feature fabulous new patterns from Moda and limited edition Grunge Junior Jelly Rolls in four vibrant color ranges. Hop on this sweet deal right away and you'll receive Hip Stitch's custom Jerry's Jelly Roll Jig for free!

Here are the color ranges:

Cool Change--Shades in a berry-ish range of blue, purple, wine...

Stitch Pink--It’s a pink-a-palooza ranging from from light Duchess to rich Maraschino.

Glorious Autumn--A so-seasonal palette with yellow, mustard, pumpkin and burgundy...

Yuletide--Merry-making golds, greens and red...

Patterns include Short & Long in two versions--Rectangles and Checkerboard; Sparkle; and Three At a Time in Squares or Rectangles. Here are sneak peeks of these new quilt designs:


Short & Long Rectangles

Short & Long Checkerboard

Three At A Time Rectangles

Three At A Time Squares 

Prices range from $74.99 to $112.99 per kit. Kits include full pattern directions, selected backgrounds in solids or Grunges and limited edition Junior Jelly Rolls. We can also add backing and binding...your wish, our command! Free shipping on online orders of $50 or more...and don't forget that free Jerry's Jelly Roll Jig.

Thanks for helping us celebrate National Sew A Jelly Roll Day!

Creative sewing is a journey. Hip Stitch helps you go the distance!

Monday, August 10, 2020

Jacquie Gering Digital Seminars Next Month!

 Jacquie Does Digital!!!

Hip Stitch is NOT letting the Coronavirus call the shots on inspiring quilting education. Join us September 18 and 19 when internationally known modern textile designer, educator and author Jacquie Gering presents two online programs featuring her signature style and walking-foot quilting artistry. Jacquie is also known in part for her work establishing the modern quilt movement.

Jacquie Gering

Registration for these on-line programs will be extremely limited, so sign up now. Register for both digital seminars and you will receive a coupon code for $15 off an on-line order. Here’s more about Jacquie’s presentations:

1.     Jacquie Gering Trunk Show, Friday, September 18, 7-8:30 p.m. MDT—See Jacquie’s latest work, including provocative new designs and quilting patterns, and hear how her exploration of quilting has deepened and changed over the years. You may have seen her trunk show in the past, but you haven’t seen this all-new edition! $19 per person, virtual attendance, 50 spots

2.     How Do I Quilt This?, Saturday, September 19, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. MDT—During the first half of this VIP class, Jacquie will present her philosophy and process of quilting, and show examples that demonstrate those principles. In the second half, you will watch and listen as Jacquie applies those principles to quilt top images that you and your fellow attendees have provided in advance. It’s almost like a private consultation with an undisputed master of straight-line quilting!  (Note: Each paid registrant in How Do I Quilt This? Will be asked to provide up to one (1) digital image of a finished quilt top for use in the class. Images due to Melissa Maher, Melissa.hipstitchabq@gmail.com by September 11. $49 per person, virtual attendance, 25 spots

Quiet Geometry II

Bang you're dead

Both of Jacquie’s September seminars at Hip Stitch will be presented on the Zoom platform. With paid registration, students will receive links to the presentation(s) via email. To attend the seminars, attendees will need a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with access to email. (We recommend a device with a large viewing screen and high-speed internet for greatest enjoyment. If you have questions, please contact Melissa Maher at Melissa.hipstitchabq@gmail.com.)

Sale on Jacquie Gering Books!

Until September 30, Hip Stitch will also offer a 10% discount Jacquie Gering’s books WALK: Mastering Machine Quilting with Your Walking Foot and WALK 2.0:  More Machine Quilting with Your Walking Foot. Visit our website for more details. This sale is open to anyone and does not require signing up for Jacquie's digital classes.

Monday, March 23, 2020

We've been trying not to bombard you with too much info - in email newsletters, on Facebook, on Instagram, on our website.  And the problem with that is, so much is changing EVERY SINGLE DAY.  So here goes with what's going on at Hip Stitch:

Face Masks:
We (and every other quilt/fabric/sewing shop) have received emails & phone calls asking about masks.  We are so amazed at the spirit of sewing - there's a million mask challenge.  There are new websites up exclusive to this.  There are patterns and patterns and patterns out there on the internet.

Here's what we know:
We sold through our 1/4" elastic, and then were generously given a donation of that very same size elastic yesterday.  Since then, we've been offering to folks who reach out to us a 5 yd. cut.  It's going fast, but that's something we can provide.  There are a few tutorials that have cotton ties!

"What patterns are out there?" is a frequent question.  Unfortunately, we are not medical personnel.  We are not in this field.  We don't feel comfortable answering this question with a recommended tutorial.  We've have been referring folks to the Centers for Disease Control website to research more about what's needed/recommended: HERE

Two fellow shops in town: Bob's Sewing & Vacuum and Ann Silva's Bernina, have coordinated drop off locations for donated masks, and have resources for folks looking to help make masks.  Thank you to them - what a wonderful community we have!

Our Store:
Our brick and mortar is closed.  We announced this last week, and the very 1st phone call we received was one in which we were asked "Is this permanent?".   Our BRICK AND MORTAR store is closed.  Our entire store is on our website: hipstitchabq.com.  Folks can shop 24/7 on it.  We have a skeleton staff at the store, fulfilling online orders and answering phones.  If you get the answering machine, leave a message.  We're either on another line or you've called before 10 or after 4 - the approximate times we're there.  We have every hope and plan to open our doors at the end of this pandemic, and when we do, we want you at our GRAND re-opening party!

Our Classroom:
It's now our shipping, video-making, sample-making hub.  Speaking of videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE.  We're sharing quilt-a-longs, demos, tips, tutorials to keep you motivated and keep you sewing!

Our sewing machine technician.  He's still here, he's still working on machines.  You're going to be home sewing & your machine may need a tune up or be acting up.  He's here for you.  Reach out to us via email or phone call - we'll arrange to get your machine, get it fixed, get it back to you!

Us/Your Hip Stitch family:
We're all, like you, stressed, having anxiety, not sleeping well, having bouts of crying.  All of our lives are upside down.  If you call and we sound harried, please be patient and kind.  If we don't answer an email immediately, please be patient and kind.  We working hard to keep our business going, without our physical doors open.  We're all in this together.

We are heartsick about not seeing you in the store.  Our customers, friends, community.   Stay well, stay connected, and we'll see you on the other side of this!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

A Quilt Show in Las Cruces

This past weekend in Las Cruces,  Hip Stitch (Mel and I as representatives) traveled to Las Cruces to be a vendor at the Los Colcheras Guild's Quilt Show.

Some highlights of the wonderful folks we met/visited with:

*Denise, the show's coordinator, was our personal guide through the show, answering any questions we had, making sure we were hydrated and fed.

*Judy, with the guild, who was in charge of the Bob Ross traveling exhibit, (of which we were so lucky to have been directly across from), who had us in stitches laughing as she walked through the show with her Bob Ross paintbrush in hand.

*Bob's Sewing and Vacuum, who's booth was right next to ours, and we loved having them as neighbors:  Heidi, Diane, Monica, Bruce and the rest of the gang were so fun to be with.

*2 Busy Beez - Mike and Cheri - who are 2 of the classiest folks I've ever known.  They've sold their shop in Edgewood and now just do traveling shows.  It's such a treat and joy to see them.

*Ann and Michael of Thread Bear - who are moving their shop to Las Cruces from Las Vegas, NM, and the quilter's of Las Cruces could not be more excited to have them!

*Anastasia and Glenn, great friends who sew/quilt, who traveled from Albuquerque down for the show, wearing their matching sewing-themed shoes:

*meeting not only members of the Las Colcheras Guild, but learning about and meeting those from the El Paso quilt guilds, of which there are THREE (East side, West side, and Northeast side)

*chatting with the many folks who chose to retire in Las Cruces, and about where they're from, and why they came, and what they love about southern New Mexico.

*eating at 2 great restaurants: Salud de Mesilla and Andele in Old Mesilla.  Just go eat there.  Enough said.

*seeing Missy, a customer from way back when Hip Stitch was in it's infancy, who became, well, family, as many of you do.  She's now living with her husband in Radium Springs.

*the elementary school kids from Las Cruces - their quilts were in the show in the junior exhibit.  A highlight of the weekend was having them take me through the exhibit, proudly pointing out the quilts they made, and me telling them how amazing it is to meet them and do they realize what an honor it is to have quilts hanging in a show?!  Meeting their teachers and the volunteers who help teach them learn sewing and quilting in the after-school program - what great things folks are doing....and how sweet to see Monica from Bob's show them the Gammill long arm quilting machine and let them try it out.

*The Bob Ross exhibit, of which here are just a few quilts, but the pictures don't do them justice:

And last but not least, this guy:

Mel and I were packed up, tired and hungry, ready to make the 3 hr. drive back to Albuquerque.  We made a stop at Subway at the Pic Quick, intending to get our food and hit the road quickly.  But then we saw this guy wearing a fabulous shirt made from the Day of the Dead kitties, which is one of Hip Stitch's most popular fabrics!  We had to stop him and get his story!  His wife, who was with him, made his shirt.  What fun folks!  They're artists, writers and all-around sweet folks.  A great end to our trip, which filled us with wonderful memories.
Thanks, Las Cruces!

Monday, January 6, 2020

It's Top-a-Long Time!

Today is the kick off!  Here's the scoop:

Hip Stitch is participating in the nationwide Top-A-Long sponsored by Running Doe Quilts.  As a participating shop, we will be offering patterns, fabric kits, and even instructional support to complete each month’s top-a-long quilt. Hip Stitch will announce the pattern and our fabric choices online by the first business day of each month, starting in January. Our in store sewing day is scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month. Club members are welcome to sew with us at no charge and non-club members  may join for a $15 fee.

Join us locally as a Hip Stitch Top-a-Long Club member for $50 annually and receive the following benefits:
·      Monthly pattern ($24 value)
·      3 hours of free supported sewing in our lounge monthly ($180 value)
·      20% off of each month’s quilt kit

Join us long-distance as a Hip Stitch Top-a-Long Club member for $30 annually and receive the following benefits:
·      Monthly pattern
·      20% off of each month’s quilt kit with free shipping domestically

Hip Stitch participants will be eligible for monthly prize drawings and a year-end grand prize drawing.  In order to receive a ticket for either of these prize drawings you will need to so at least one of the following.  The more you do, the more tickets you can earn and the better chance you have at winning!
1.     Join the Hip Stitch Top-a-Long Club (receive 1 ticket)
2.     Complete your Top-a-Long top by the end of the next month.  (receive 1 ticket)
3.     Post your finished project on Instagram or Facebook and tag Hip Stitch. (receive 1 ticket)
4.     Buy Hip Stitch Top-a-Long kit. (receive 1 ticket)
5.     Pre-order your kit by Monday of the second week of the month. (receive 1 ticket)
6.      Refer a friend who joins the Hip Stitch Top-a-Long Club (both of you will receive 1 ticket)

Got it?  Good!

January's Top-a-Long quilt is Asagail, and we're using Amy Butler's Natural Beauty collection:

This quilt measures 48"x48", so it's easy to stitch up and quilt.  Order your kit by Monday, January 13, and we'll have it ready to pick up or ship by Wednesday, January 15.  
Order HERE.