Friday, July 22, 2011

The belle of the Hipster's Craft Fair:
My mom, Pat....wearing her wide-leg lounge pants, a cap made by her granddaughter (my girl, Jane), and a purse rounding out the matching fabric made by Diana Webb.  She spent craft fair day modeling!

Made by customers:

Mother/Daughter Smarty Pants:

Fabric ball for a one-year-old's 1st birthday:

Craft Night tonight:

Ali & Mandie:

Claire, putting the finishing touches on a wallet she made:

Norah, who with her mom, Debra, were making a mock-up of a dress.  Norah did the "Re-create it" class (pt. 1) with Sharon, and made a pattern from a favorite knit dress.  Tonight, they cut up t-shirts to make the 1st draft of the creative is that?!

Carrie, trying to finish up Roman shades for her almost-here baby boy!  She's had lots of early labor, so she's thinking it'll be next week - a new baby in the Hip Stitch community!  (which means that when she brings him into the store, she'll get a brief hello from me and then I'll make a beeline to the baby to oooh and aaah over him.....and his adorable big sister!)

Last Sunday, my family and I went to our favorite museum - the International Folk Art in Santa Fe.  I was encouraged to take pictures (no flash, of course), so of course I had to capture:
some things from THIS exhibit:

These were quilts made by survivors/victims of the floods in Pakistan, which, to bring a tragedy across the world closer, caused the cost of cotton to go reflected in fabric stores here!
This is all HAND SEWN!

This is a photo from our very favorite permanent exhibit - the room of miniatures:

And finally, a few random shots of summer:
Fresh fruit and yogurt - what could be better in the morning??
 A book to read while floating in the backyard pool:
 Hanging laundry out to dry:

Sunday, July 10, 2011


.....from the 3rd annual Hipster's Craft Fair yesterday.  I slept in 'til 9:30 a.m this morning......and I'm sure many of the crafters did, too!
It was a wonderful day - I was awed by the creations being sold, and disappointed that I didn't get to shop!!  These craft shows always re-affirm my support and admiration for artists - for local talents - for shopping locally - for supporting locally.  Thank you, ladies, for spending the day selling your talents at the craft fair!
Here are just a few of the pictures some very enthusiastic13 yr. old volunteer photographers:

 More photos to come.....