Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The lounge & our Hip Stitchers have been busy sewing this holiday season!  Here are a few projects.....but a few will have to wait to be shared until after they're given to prevent any spoiling of surprises!

From Rosanne's Sweet Jane 2 class

Cute bags made with charm pack 5" squares

Gina's finished fleece poncho

(This quilt was made by Catherine....it's a 'Parks & Rec' theme)

Lily's  completed jacket....she worked for a few months on this!

Martha wove the inner fabric herself for this placemat, then added our batik to the frame!

And quilts & more quilts!

More to share after Christmas.....but remember, you have 1 more shopping day - we're open til 2 p.m. Christmas Eve!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hip Stitchers

Let's start with the happenings in the lounge this past Saturday, during our fabulous Open House!  Here are the Young Quilters, busy making their quilts:

Followed by Saturday night's Jelly Roll Race:

We had to tease Lori about her sewing THREE jelly rolls together to make a king-sized quilt - she had the strip going from the lounge out to the store!

And ta da.....completed tops!

Here's sweet Lily, who finally finished her Sew Serendipity jacket, after many hours of diligent sewing!

And a cute fleece poncho made last week with teacher Julie:

Annette, from Block of the Month, showed off quilts she's making for her kids, 
in addition to her class:

Pat, who had a State Fair award-winning jacket, made another one:

And finally, Denise, a visitor during the Balloon Fiesta and is from Oregon, bought some Alexander Henry fabric and then sent this picture of the finished quilt.  It was made by the staff at Piece by Piece Fabrics in Eugene, Oregon, and it's called "Picture This."

Thank you, Denise, for sending these pictures!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hip Stitchers

What's new with you?  Here's a peek:

Beautiful finished quilt by Agatha:

Rughooking class:

 Quilt made w Anna Maria Horner fabrics:

Barbara's finished Nomad quilt top:

Natasha's latest project.....a new folding chair cover for her dad:

 Old & new:

And a state fair winner!

Monday, October 13, 2014

A trip to Santa Fe

Sunday I took a spur of the moment trip to Santa Fe, to see the Northern New Mexico Quilt Guild Fiesta.  My companion was my very favorite 14 year old.  We saw an awesome quilt show, took a quick trip to our favorite museum, and grabbed a yummy quesadilla at Harry's Roadhouse (thanks, Lisa, for the recommendation!) before heading back - in the wind - to Albuquerque.

My girl took all these beautiful pictures.....a compilation of our favorites:

We both agreed this was one of the best, in our opinion:

Was so happy to see Ann & Michael of Thread Bear had a booth.  Here is a quilt Micheal made using this panel.  I had to get the panel!

The weather was cold and windy - it looked like snow was forming over the
 Sangre de Cristo Mountains:

Hmmmm......cooler weather.  Good for quilt making, no?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hip Stitchers

Dresses to quilts....bags to jackets - here they are!

Janet made the Washi Dress from Jen Fox's Nomad fabric:

Love this!  
(Am motivated to make myself another Washi!)

Diane brought in her purse - Jen Fox's Button Flap purse pattern, made with our new
"A Field Guild" fabric line from Moda:

Young quilter/sewer Lily is making a jacket from the book Sew Serendipity:

I snuck up behind/next to her to catch a few pics of it - 
still a work in progress, but looking fabulous!

A gorgeous Jelly Roll race quilt was brought in to share:

Haley made this costume for a school presentation, using Moda solids and our new Robert Kaufman line, 
Santa Fe Spice:

Debra made this at craft night.  She started with a flat knitted rectangle and a pair of jeans.  She seam ripped the zipper out of the jeans, cut them apart for the lining of this:

...and in about an hour, was done....recycling at its best!

A sweet Hip Stitcher, McKenna, just held onto this bolt of Alexander Henry flannel like it was a puppy dog.  She finally....reluctantly....had to leave.  But she'll be back - TWO different folks just bought her Hip Stitch gift certificates for her birthday!

And finally, a finished purse made today in the lounge at a private party.....of the 7 gals making this bag, 2 finished, 1 will finish at home, and the remaining 4 will be coming in this week to complete this cute McCall's pattern.
They all did an amazing job, despite being at different levels of sewing, and fatigue hitting them after 4 hours of speed cutting and sewing.