Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Here's what's been brought into the store in the last week (or created AT Hip Stitch):

The kids' summer sewing academy concluded, and here's just a sampling of what was made:

Delia, in her lounge pants, that she made when Hip Stitch 1st opened....and she told us how well the fabric has held up, wash after wash after wash.....:

A wonderful customer came in with this bag, The Chubby Charmer.....pattern soon to be carried at Hip Stitch:

Me, wearing a wrap shirt made from....oh, dang it, I can't remember the name of the book.....borrowed from Carla, who picked it up in San Francisco.  The pattern ran large, so the next one I make will be a size smaller.  I made it from our new shot cottons, and LOVE the fabric!

A before and after project that I did for a young gal, for a baby shower gift.  She brought in a standard cloth diaper/burp cloth:

I added a polka dot fabric trim, a ribbon border, and Melissa Maher embroidered the last name on.....finished off with tabs at the ends for baby to rub:

Torri took Hip Stitch basics, then went on to Sewing 101.  Sharon has students made a muslin pair of trousers in this class, to learn constructing pants, zippers, waistband, buttonholes and more.  Since Torri was the only one in this session, she picked out the fabric and made the trousers for her little boy:


Cher  (no, not THAT Cher)  came in, and showed off the quilt she recently finished.  The pictures don't do it justice....it was BEAUTIFUL:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Made by:

Megan and me:

She made a Colette pattern....I have on Amy Butler's Anna Tunic.

And Delia and me:

with me in the Meghan Peasant Dress, and she in Amy Butler's Wide Leg Lounge Pants....out of In Stitches (for sale HERE!)

Summer sewing is just so much fun!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Here was the store today:

For us grown-ups at the store today, we felt.....well.....a bit disjointed.  It was just a day of not quite catching our breath - one thing ended and another began, and they overlapped a little too much for our comfort.  But looking at these pictures of today, and these wonderful children, each creating something different, and beautiful, and they were focused, and sweet, and......just so calming.  The day started with a jolt.....and ended with a peaceful aaahhhhh.