Monday, May 18, 2009


My find yesterday at Goodwill.....
....for only $4.29! I'm thinking this is the one that I'll add an applique to in Kim's class on Saturday the 30th. The flip flops, by the way, are my daughter Jane's, who now seems to wear a size 8, just my size! Yippee - we can share shoes!
This handsome young man came to visit Hip Stitch today - Jen brought him in for a visit after his 2 week appointment this morning. There's nothing like holding a tiny baby in your arms to make all things right in the world.
Here's a tote bag I first embroidered before constructing the bag. It was such a fun project to sit peacefully and hand embroider. The pattern is an iron-on transfer from Sublime Stitching. We're out of the book, but we do carry the craft pad of transfers. This is going to be a kids' class this summer, but I'm thinking we need to have one for adults, too!

Last week of school for the kids....last week I'll have to occasionally put a "back in 15 mins." sign on the door and fetch my children on the days my husband can't....don't know if any readers have come during that 15 minutes and experienced a bit of frustration, and I certainly apologize if that's been the case!

The Fiber Arts Fiesta begins this Thursday - get on down to the Manuel Lujan Building at the fairgrounds and check it out!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Last week I headed into the city....Nob Hill/UNM area, that is. For a suburbia gal like myself, this was a big deal....lots of traffic on Central, finding a parking spot (I successfully parallel parked, for which I was famous when my friends and I would head to Georgetown in D.C. 22 years ago in my mom's VW beetle convertible, and only I could squeeze into spots no one else would attempt), and walked around Nob Hill, feeling so, well, like a city girl!

I went to The Designer's Lounge, and met Teresa and Patty, owners as well as mother & daughter. I've been meaning to get down there for months and meet them, and they are really great women who have a beautiful lounge/studio and got to see some of their fantastic creations!

I then went to Papers, to shop and say hi to Erin, a Hip Stitch customer who works there all the time (so she says!) I just love that store, and found a great, well, paper, to hang on our wall. I parked a few blocks away, and walked through the neighborhood a bit, dreaming a bit of living in one of those quaint little houses and being able to walk everywhere....such is the downfall of living in the suburbs - not enough opportunities to walk to where I need to go!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The best bread EVER

OK, if you're at all interested in homemade bread, you must stop what you're doing and order this book.....
You'll get loaves of bread that look like this and taste even better! I started baking last week and my family goes through almost a whole loaf a day, starting with toast in the morning, and sandwiches in lunches. The mix is easy to make, stores in the fridge, and you just break off a piece when you're ready to bake. (there is an initial rise time involved, as well as a 'rest' time before you bake, but it's worth the wait)

Henry's arrived!

Jen delivered 7 lb. 14 oz. baby Henry today, via c-section. He's quite perfect, from what I could see through the nursery window.....long toes, a bit of dark hair on his head, just adorably pink and rosy. Hmmm.....I'm seeing some cute little Oliver & S patterns made up for him....Congratulations to the Dean family! (I asked her at the hospital if she'd be in for her shift at the store at 2:00 today, but she just ignored me - smart woman)

Take one 11 yr. old pair of hand-me-down denim shorts that are too short for her taste.....and a handful of scrap fabric:

Voila - a "new" pair of pants that she was so excited to wear to school! She's still deciding if she likes the 'unfinished' look at the hem.

Our Spring Soiree & craft fair this past Saturday was quite successful! If you came, it was great to see you, and thanks so much for shopping. Such neat homemade items - from baby onsies to diaper bags, coffee cozies to lavendar and mint-scented eye pillows, skirts, journals, jewelry, baby blankets....I'm always so amazed at the talents of so many and I love love love to encourage shopping locally - we hope to do this more regularly!