Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's been a busy, yet fun, time here at Hip Stitch.....

Customer Jennifer came in to share this adorable- reversible - jumper she sewed.....using our Moda fabric and brown corduroy.  That is one special little girl who gets to wear it!

We have 2 new teachers!  I'm so excited to welcome Melisa Hart and Shirley Kay Wolfersperger.  Both of these women are enormously talented, and I feel very fortunate to have them at Hip Stitch.  Look for a schedule very soon of classes they'll be teaching, as well as more about them......

Coming soon......flannel, in Funky Monkey.  Some really adorable prints!  Alexander Henry fabrics - a few we've had in the past, but went too quickly - back again.....I'll post some pictures soon.....

I occasionally get to join in on a class......I'm taking Pants with Sharon Hatcher.  I'm going to make....JEANS!  Last week, in class #1, I made pattern pieces from my favorite pair of jeans.  This week, I'm going to make a mock-up w/muslin.  And next week, the real deal - sewing with denim!  Stay tuned......

Coming in early November, a remodel of the store - I'm so excited!  Look for more info. in the near future!

And lastly, some photos of.....fall in New Mexico!

Whether they know it or not, Ellen and Alexandra (Ali) are inspirations to me every day as I try to branch out in photography......it's out of my comfort zone to look for shots that are, well, more artistic...thank you, gals, for your beautiful photography!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saturday at Hip Stitch was the Notepad Cover class, taught by Lois Warwick.  I didn't have my camera, but whipped out my cell phone to get a picture of this one, made by Julie.  She chose Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush for the outside:

It was stunning!  Alas, I didn't get shots of the other ones made - but they were just as adorable.
It's that time of year......Halloween costumes!  This may be my last year of making costumes for my girls.  Actually, only one - my 7th grader, Jane, will probably just throw something together, because  I don't think it's all that cool to wear a costume sewn by mom anymore!
(no, my feelings aren't hurt)
So for Claire, I'm making this:
Now, before you start thinking I'm making a trampy costume for my 10 yr. old, I'm going to alter things a bit to make her into this LITERARY character:

Violet Baudelaire, from Lemony Snicket.  So I'm making the LONGER version on the pattern, and we're going to add some sleeves and maybe some fishnet hose on her arms? (I think that's be the easiest thing rather than trying to make long sleeves out of fishnet fabric)  And then I'll cry because my Halloween-costume making days are coming to an end......or maybe I'll feel a sense of relief, too!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kids & zippers & lots of fun

Saturday wrapped up Part 2 of the zippered bag class for kids.  The girls left with finished bags, all different fabrics, all with different experiences to remember.  Hannah learned how to change a machine needle, as hers broke on a zipper.  Natalie, who'd never sewn before this project, finished Saturday and went on to make an apron for herself - no pattern, just an idea in her head.  Aline, a very experienced sewer, patiently waited at times as I helped the newbies, and took the time at the end to hand-stitch a spot where the zipper end showed through her bag (this greatly impressed me....her attention to detail)  Cambree learned that sometimes, the backstitch function on a machine just DOESN'T work!!  Emma finished her bag and was so excited to keep sewing that she whipped up a mini pillow, stuffed and all.

So here they all are, with finished bags:

All in all, a good afternoon.....and I hope to work with them again, because they were just so darn fun to spend time with!

In the meantime, fabric that's on it's way to the store:

I ordered 7 bolts of my very favorite colors and patterns from this collection.....I didn't love ALL of it, but it was hard to narrow down what to select.  I hope it will be here by end of week!

Hope to see you at the shop soon!