Monday, March 23, 2020

We've been trying not to bombard you with too much info - in email newsletters, on Facebook, on Instagram, on our website.  And the problem with that is, so much is changing EVERY SINGLE DAY.  So here goes with what's going on at Hip Stitch:

Face Masks:
We (and every other quilt/fabric/sewing shop) have received emails & phone calls asking about masks.  We are so amazed at the spirit of sewing - there's a million mask challenge.  There are new websites up exclusive to this.  There are patterns and patterns and patterns out there on the internet.

Here's what we know:
We sold through our 1/4" elastic, and then were generously given a donation of that very same size elastic yesterday.  Since then, we've been offering to folks who reach out to us a 5 yd. cut.  It's going fast, but that's something we can provide.  There are a few tutorials that have cotton ties!

"What patterns are out there?" is a frequent question.  Unfortunately, we are not medical personnel.  We are not in this field.  We don't feel comfortable answering this question with a recommended tutorial.  We've have been referring folks to the Centers for Disease Control website to research more about what's needed/recommended: HERE

Two fellow shops in town: Bob's Sewing & Vacuum and Ann Silva's Bernina, have coordinated drop off locations for donated masks, and have resources for folks looking to help make masks.  Thank you to them - what a wonderful community we have!

Our Store:
Our brick and mortar is closed.  We announced this last week, and the very 1st phone call we received was one in which we were asked "Is this permanent?".   Our BRICK AND MORTAR store is closed.  Our entire store is on our website:  Folks can shop 24/7 on it.  We have a skeleton staff at the store, fulfilling online orders and answering phones.  If you get the answering machine, leave a message.  We're either on another line or you've called before 10 or after 4 - the approximate times we're there.  We have every hope and plan to open our doors at the end of this pandemic, and when we do, we want you at our GRAND re-opening party!

Our Classroom:
It's now our shipping, video-making, sample-making hub.  Speaking of videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE.  We're sharing quilt-a-longs, demos, tips, tutorials to keep you motivated and keep you sewing!

Our sewing machine technician.  He's still here, he's still working on machines.  You're going to be home sewing & your machine may need a tune up or be acting up.  He's here for you.  Reach out to us via email or phone call - we'll arrange to get your machine, get it fixed, get it back to you!

Us/Your Hip Stitch family:
We're all, like you, stressed, having anxiety, not sleeping well, having bouts of crying.  All of our lives are upside down.  If you call and we sound harried, please be patient and kind.  If we don't answer an email immediately, please be patient and kind.  We working hard to keep our business going, without our physical doors open.  We're all in this together.

We are heartsick about not seeing you in the store.  Our customers, friends, community.   Stay well, stay connected, and we'll see you on the other side of this!