Friday, March 28, 2014

Today is a do-over

Yes, a do-over.  Just like groundhog day.....I dressed in the same clothes I wore yesterday (laundered last night), because I was so looking forward to wearing my Liverpool Tunic yesterday, but it didn't count.  Most of the day was spent in the ER at Kaseman hospital, after feeling funny yesterday morning, then feeling tingling/weakness in my left arm.  Thank goodness for my friend Sherry, (once a nurse, always a nurse), who took me into her office next door and strapped on the blood pressure cuff, and darn it if it wasn't elevated.  That was it....she kindly but firmly told me to go to the ER, giving me baby aspirin to take along the way.

Five hours later, EKG done, chest XRay done and a visit from the dr. on call, everything looked normal.  He's sending me for a follow-up stress test, but my heart is ok.  And as much as I'd rather spend my afternoon watching paint dry on a wall rather than be in ER, I was glad I went.  Worries are put to rest.

And in the middle of the night, getting a good nights' sleep, I rolled over and felt something uncomfortable on me....and realized I hadn't peeled off ALL of these little do-hickeys:

ER is no walk in the park - I sat praying that the drunk sleeping homeless woman next to me wouldn't wake up and puke into the bowl they left for her when they wheeled her up by me....she only woke up now & then to yell "where's my bed?!"  Thank goodness for nurses - they were sweet and funny and I don't how they do what they do for a living, but my thanks goes out to them.

So gals - when in doubt, go in and get your symptoms checked out.  You just never know.  And 5 hrs. in your lifetime isn't THAT much of an inconvenience.  And you, too, can have a do-over day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jelly Roll Racing continues!

Thank you, Bralia, for leading another fun Jelly Roll race night Saturday!  Four hip stitchers completed tops using just a jelly roll: 
(you have turn your head to the right to see 2, which my computer wouldn't flip properly!)

Thinking about Ellen today.....I was looking back on her blog, and in 2009 she did a series of creative exercises.  I felt inspired to do the same.

5 things I love in my home right now:

My seeds sprouting indoors, beckoning me to warmer days to come:

My red basket, given to me by my dear friend Heather while we on the PTA board together.  It brings all my work to and from Hip Stitch:

My "new" Kindle, given to me by my niece Leah.  I thought I'd never ever want an electronic reading device....but I stand corrected.

This picture of the girls from yester years:

Pandora radio, which at the click of a button, I can listen to whatever I'm in 
the mood for at any given time:

and you?  How about sharing?  5 things YOU love in your home right now??

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Today begins Lent, which is a time period of 40 days before Easter.  It's a designated time of reflection, soberness, "giving up", or even "adding in" something to your life in order to become closer to God.

No worries - I'm not going to preach or convert you. :)

Perhaps, though, we could all think about how to make this world better.  Here at 
Hip Stitch, we're quietly setting out this: 

We'd like to collect $77.91 in 40 days.  This amount will purchase one wheelchair to go to an individual in a developing country, who would otherwise not having any mobility.
I've always liked the expression: "Think Globally, Act Locally."  I like the part that is "ACT."

If you'd like to know more about Free Wheelchair Mission, look HERE
(I've met Don Schoendorfer, the founder of this misson.  He's pretty great.)

That's it.  No preaching.
(except to request that you not give up fabric for Lent)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Customer show 'n tell

Here's a recap of the last month (or so) of some of the fabulous Hip Stitch customer creations - look and be inspired!

Bonnie's dress made from Bluebird Park fabrics - she's got style with her boots and cardigan that goes perfectly!

Christa finished her Multi-Tasker tote - Bralia is scheduling another one of these classes in March!

Eliana's pirate embroidery - love this choice of pattern on the formal napkin and dinner setting!  She started this in Diana's embroidery class.

Gayle's cute clutch.  We have 2 kits left to make this.  Gayle enlarged the pattern a smidge to see how a larger one would look.  They're awesome!

Young quilter Campbell made this potholder.  She's on a binge making these as gifts!

Young quilter Haley with her finished quilt.  She picked this pattern, called "Dwell", from our book "Simply Retro" by Camille Roskelley.

Here's the label for the quilt - Haley's mom embroidered it.  :)

Laurie made this dress for a special little girl using a recycled t-shirt and some knit fabric remnants.  Awesome!

Tina made this dress for her daughter to wear to her piano recital, using our Sweet Serenade fabrics.  Perfect for a budding musician!

MY placemat (3 more to come), made during Jacquie Gering's class last week.  NMQA brought Jacquie back, and I'm so happy I was finally able to take a class with her!

And finally, my favorite salad these days:

Go to Trader Joe's, and get:

*1 package each spinach and mixed greens
*This chicken:
*This cheese:
*Hard boiled eggs
*Chopped Fuji apple
*A handful of these:
Add dressing of your choice.  Mine is this:
Oh geez, now I'm really hungry.