Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Two tragedies struck Albuquerque in the last few days, hitting close to home in the art/knitting/sewing circles of our town. Stephanie Anderson, who was shot during the Denny's robbery, was an artist who worked with Offcenter Arts. Heather Reu, who was killed while bicycling Monday night, was a mom to 4 young children, customer at Hip Stitch, sewed, knit, and as we've been hearing the stories coming in to the store, was an amazing, energetic woman.

I'm in such a state of shock and not understanding the senseless-ness of it all. Why them? Why did this have to happen? I can't even begin to feel for what their families are going through.

For now, while we all go through this feelings of helplessness and grief, we at Hip Stitch are working to arrange a day here at the store where friends and acquaintances can come and grieve together and remember these 2 women, whose lives were cut so unbearably short.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekender Bag and more

I'm getting an urge to make yet another Weekender Bag - I've made 2 so far - the 1st was for me, and I didn't use Timtex, which gives it the right stiffness, so it's floppier than I like it. The 2nd was for my friend Lisa, and I did it the right way, breaking many a needle along the way, but loving the finished product. I just love this bag, and it's definitely worth the arduous process in making it.

Here's the wallet that Julie shared her pattern and I made! I just love it, and immediately transferred out of my old wallet when I was done making it. My girls like to count how many items I have in my purse that are made out of Hip Stitch fabrics - about 5, including my purse itself.

This morning at the store, it felt like Cheers when the regulars walk into the bar - Kara, Delia, Kelena, Vanessa, Ann - all came in to sew at different times, and we all shared what's being made (this and this mostly) and it was just so fun to share our mutual love for fabrics and sewing! Vanessa has been making the sandwich wraps from Sewing Green, a book which we hope to carry soon. Ann has set up an etsy shop for her purses, totes, aprons and re-usable snack bags, but is getting so many word-of-mouth custom orders that she barely has time to keep her store stocked! Imagine if we could complete wipe out the demand for plastic zip bags and all use handmade bags over and over - it's a lofty goal, but we've each got to do our part!
Speaking of re-using, Hip Stitch is participating in a fashion show at Offcenter Arts, as part of their Fiber Fanfare next Friday, June 19. Fliers are at our store and around town - this center is an incredibly positive force in the community, providing space and supplies for anyone to come create. Fiber Fanfare will be an evening of storytelling, art on display and for sale, refreshments, and the fashion show - we'll be supplies models and outfits - both newly created with our fabrics, and recycled with t-shirts and plastic bags. Is that enough of a teaser? Come on down! (if nothing else, enjoy a good belly laugh at my attempt at runway modeling - something I've never done before and never will again - but it's for a good cause!)
And lastly (I know, mom, I shouldn't begin a sentence with 'and'), I really want to make what Robyn's making - Simplicity 3750 (scroll down and she has a picture of the pattern) I'll wait and get your review, Robyn, before I dive in. It looks like a great summer top.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Gettin' Jiggy Wit It...

...this skirt, that is:

Kim helped me pick out and lay out the design on my thrift store skirt to transform it into something totally unique! How fun was that?!
Memorial Day Monday, my family went up to Tent Rocks National Monument - a short drive from Albuquerque, out near Cochiti Lake. Why, oh why, had we never gone there before? It was absolutely stunning - this was at the end of the hike going up and up and up:
This was the view along the way up, and then down again:

In store news, we're putting a lot of fabric on sale for ONE WEEK ONLY starting this SATURDAY, JUNE 6 (does this look like a commercial for a car dealership?). We need/want to order more fabric, but need to clear out some of the current bolts. So come on down - this is an offer you won't want to miss! ONE WEEK ONLY!

And the title - Gettin' Jiggy Wit It - was a song I recently downloaded onto our IPod Shuffle, by Will Smith. I'm groovin' to it lately....