Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meet Megan

Megan is a lovely, just perfectly lovely customer.  She's a co-worker of my niece, Jenn, so she's very computer and tech saavy, which, (like Jenn), just AMAZES me that she's ALSO got the creative side going.  Because I just don't have both of those brains, and I'm envious (you do too, Ali)  Megan just sews and sews and sews....and here are some of her creations:

the Multi-Tasker Tote from Anna Maria Horner:

a pencil skirt she made in Melisa's class:

Since I absolutely hate having people tell me to "say cheese" and then I have to stand there with a frozen smile until they click the camera, I just point and shoot at people......I love this mid-laugh picture of her!

I have some exciting Earth Day and April in Paris themes coming next month.....stay tuned!