Sunday, June 19, 2011

Loving all things vintage

On Saturday, I received this gift:

....given to me from Sharon Hatcher, my wonderful Sewing 101, alterations, re-create it teacher....who's been on a de-cluttering binge.  Published in 1946, it's indeed 'modern sewing' for its time.  I love pictures like this:

and this:

and this:

I love the 1st paragraph in the book, which reads:

"If you've been feeling wistful about the pretty clothes in the shops.....if you've been down in the dumps because your home is turning seedy at the seams, wearing shabby around the edges....if you've been wondering how you're going to juggle the budget into keeping your small fry in clothes, your troubles are over.  To live better on less, look lovely on next-to-nothing, take to your thimble!"
Amen to that!
(and speaking of vintage, Sunday, Hip Stitch will be included in a special section of the Albuquerque Journal, about going green. (I'm told that's the date it's coming out)  Go out and get yourself a copy!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Craft Night

It was a busy one last night - projects such as this: Joan, making 60 of these for the 4th of July......and this:
....outdoor chair cushions made by Carol.....and these:
....mastectomy pillow covers, to be donated to the American Cancer Society (I just received an email this morning from a friend who just picked one up for herself after having a double mastectomy)
Also in the making last night - a hobo/sling bag by Mandie, paper cards by Norah and Debra, an apron with a vintage flair by Audrey, and adorable shorts for a little boy by Liz.....and that was before Tara & Angie came in, and I had to scoot out the door 'cause it was my anniversary (16 years!).
Come join us in July!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yet another project

Pillowcases this time, it is!  Like the ottoman, I've been wanting new pillowcases for some time now.  Somehow over the years of marriage and children, matching pillowcases on our bed have fallen into a not-such-an-important-thing category.  This is what we were down to:

Let's take a closer look, shall we?
Our grown-up bed has pillowcases that are: Strawberry Shortcake, Christmas, pink flowers, plain white, red paisley, and a light green.  Yes, that's what came out of the linen closet when I change the bedding.

It was time for a change.....I was feeling scattered and, well, not so grown up when I make the bed and lay me down to sleep!  After shopping around, and finding pillowcases that were either outrageously expensive, not-so-expensive but ones I didn't really like, or just nothing I liked, it was time to hit the sewing machine.

Crystal helped me pick out fabric, and here's the final result:

Here's a close-up:
Lovely, lovely, lovely!
And speaking of lovely, scamper on over to Melisa's blog, where she's doing a "Me Made" month.....I'm so go, girl!