Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friday night in the lounge we celebrated an early Chinese New Year, with food from Rising Star (2 doors down from Hip Stitch), and sewing fabric fortune cookies:

I had found some fortunes to download from the computer, but they just didn't have the pizzazz I was looking for.  A gift from my friend Carla came to the rescue - THIS book.  Ah yes, the edgy-ness and sharp wit I was looking for in a fortune:

I wanted to share some quilts in progress....first, Julie's mom (Julie is the Thursday gal at Hip Stitch) came to visit from Ohio, and shared a quilt top she completed, from 2" scraps from her past quilts:

A close-up of this beauty:

Natalie came in to work on her quilt in the lounge last week - she's using one of Amy Butler free patterns on her website:
and here's the back:

She was short 2 light grey strips (the shade at the top), and I didn't have that color in my solids.  We experimented with adding medium and then darker gray to substitute, and it ended up looking great!  It's a graduated darkness/depth, and looks like she intended to do it - yay for serendipity!

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