Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Conversation early this morning....

at about 6:45, between my (almost) 12 yr. old and 14 yr. old girls:
"My flannel shirt is 2 points."
"My Converse high tops are 3 points"
"My striped shirt is 2 points, because it's newer"

Genius!  They're now sharing clothes, as many teenage sisters do.  And to keep track, they're assigning points to them, because, you know, everything has to be fair & square.  Can't have an unbalanced borrowing system!

I posted this on facebook yesterday:

I made a simple, super-easy dress out of our new jersey knits.  I didn't want to take it off at the end of the day, it was THAT comfy.
A word on understitching:  DON'T skip this step!  Understitching is where you stitch down the seam allowance to the facing - in the case of this dress, it was all along the neckline.  Your stitching doesn't show on the outside, because the facing is on the inside.  It really really helps to get the facing to lay down INSIDE the garment, and not flip up, as it wants to do.  Alas, I took no pictures during the construction of the garment  (I was sewing, the girls were homeworking, and we were listening to a downloaded audio Nancy Drew book).  But HERE's a great explanation/visual of understitching.

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Sar-b said...

your girls are too cute!