Monday, October 14, 2013

Coming out of the (Halloween) closet

The last time I dressed for Halloween, it was Rita Skeeter from Harry Potter - must have been about 7 years ago - both my girls were in elementary school, and I found a funky women's suit at Goodwill, dyed it lime green, did my hair up in curls, and put fake fingernails on....that was the first and LAST time I will ever wear fake fingernails - ugh.  I still get chills of horror thinking of those awful claws on my hands.....
That's Miranda Richardson as Rita, NOT me - in case you were wondering!!
This year, an idea came to me via Portia, my good friend, for a costume.  Tonight, I began the sewing.  I may or may not drop some hints along the way, but for sure, on Thursday, Oct. 31, I'll be decked out at Hip Stitch.  You'll just have to come to see!

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Anonymous said...

Love the autumnal colors in the featherweight picture--black with the yellow gold background. Also makes me wonder how many women sewed costumes for their children in years past on Featherweights.