Sunday, September 22, 2013

Meet me at the Fair!

Our annual trek to the New Mexico State Fair didn't disappoint us one bit.  Today was an absolutely beautiful day.  Warm weather, but not too hot.  Breezy.  The smells of horses and cows, deep fried concoctions and, well,  that overall carnival aroma was perfect.  We arrived at the opening, and had the pleasure of an almost-empty main street.  By the time we left in late afternoon, the crowds were thick, and we were exhausted.  A few highlights:

Best of NM
It's a dogpile!  Pigpile!
A steer being ridden down Main Street - classic!
He waits all year for his Navajo Taco
YUM - need I say more?
Halloween costume?  Or just for when you're feeling like having a smackdown....
I truly loved the matching outfits!
She was just too cute....watching the Chinese acrobats.
Hip Stitch young quilter, Campbell, won a ribbon!

As did Haley!

Hip Stitch student/customer Sarah's quilt.....sorry about the glare, but do you see the TWO ribbons?!

Amanda, MQG member, won a "Best of Show!"

School Art by high schoolers from Grants - recycled fashion.  Fabulous!

Another great creation.....

....and one more!
....sigh.....until next year, when these girls will be 16 and 14!

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Anonymous said...

Love your images of the Fair! Congratulations to our students and customers for their ribbons! Amanda's quilts and her quilting skills are amazing! Rosanne