Monday, June 28, 2010

Hollywood, here we come!

A few weeks ago I interviewed with Good Day New it is! - Learn to sew at Hip Stitch

Egad, was I ever nervous!!


Robyn said...

You did awesome! Love your dress. Didn't watch the whole thing, though, because the volume on my work computer is so low I can hardly hear anything with headphones. Congrats on the pub!

Dag said...

you did great, absolutely perfect! professional, interesting, inviting, the whole nine yards!! congrats!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is Melanie, the one that makes the cards...Hi Suzanne! First of all, Congratulations... you did a great job! I loved the dress you were wearing too.
I have made ten cards out of the paper that you gave me and thought you might like to see them... I am making three more with the papers you gave and will post them when I am done with them.
I am looking forward to the craft sale on Saturday!

Melanie B.