Saturday, June 12, 2010

Creating around here

My girls and I have been on a sewing binge lately.  Which makes me particularly happy, because they don't always love to sew.....things like school and sports and music also take a major part in their lives, and I have to accept that (can't we just sew all day together?!)
The other day, they were in the store, and were whispering and plotting and looking at fabrics, and they finally came to me and said they decided on a pattern - the Favorite Things Little Nighty Night.  They chose fabric and got to sewing.  Five o clock came around, the closed sign went up, and we retreated to the lounge and sewed and sewed.  We finally went home at 8:00, with finished camisoles, and stayed up at home making the shorts.  Now, I know I'm the mom here, so I'm a little biased, but I think they just did a smashing job, and I love, love, love this pattern!  Here's Jane in her creation:

Claire took hers to a sleepover last night, so I wasn't able to take a photo....I'll post one later.
THEN, yesterday I had a slew of customers who had my head swimming with ideas and inspiration.  Karen from Florida, visiting grandchildren here, and a serious quilter, and Stephanie, from Arkansas, who was wearing an adorable top she had made....and we got to talking about sewing and such.  Well, Stephanie, you inspired me to get to work and make the Summer Blouse from Weekend it is:
A few tweaks here and there, but I love it!  Made from Anna Maria Horner's voile, it feels like I'm wrapped in silk!
A few updates on the store front:

Anna Maria Horner's trunk show will be arriving June 16 - that's a Wednesday.  We got the official confirmation from UPS.  A bit later than we originally thought, but we're just as excited!

I neglected to get the word out about a change in the Modern Quilt Guild meeting being postponed this month, and I'm so so sorry to Kathy and Janet, in particular, who showed up the other night for the meeting.  It will be Wednesday, June 23, from 6-8.  Please come!

We're having a Hip Stitch-sponsored Hipster's Craft Fair July 10, from 10-5.  Crafters are welcome - $20 per table.  Please email or call to sign up - tables are filling fast!

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Jane made an adorable little nighty night!

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