Monday, December 30, 2013

Goodbye, 2013!

It's been a wonderful year for Hip Stitch, thanks to YOU.

Our end-of-year sale was fabulous - and then it was time for rest, and a quick getaway girls' trip (my daughters with me) to my favorite funky little town, Las Vegas, NM.  We drove up early Sunday morning to get in breakfast at Charlie's Spic & Span, where I savored their breakfast burrito:

(yeah, I know, I also roll my eyes at "food" pictures that people take....
but this meal was just so perfect)

We then proceeded to spend 24 hours doing the following:

*driving to Storrie Lake and throwing rocks into the water and onto the ice....over and over and over again, just because.
*swimming at the hotel pool and sitting in the hot tub, back and forth, back and forth until we were sufficiently tired and relaxed.
*watching HGTV in our hotel room while knitting scarves and hats.
*sleeping in.
*walking around town, looking at the great architecture of the old homes.
*spending gads of time at Threadbear, our favorite little quilt shop.
*driving to and from Las Vegas listening to "The Cars Greatest Hits" and 
singing at the top of our lungs.
*arriving home thoroughly relaxed and ready for the new year!

Arrived at the shop today:  Pre-cuts of "From the Outside In":

yardage coming soon!  See you Jan. 2....and Happy New Year!


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