Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Taos in Fall

The Taos Wool Festival was 2 weekends ago....my family drove up for the day on Sunday. It was a beautiful fall day - and such a treat to wander around, watching the spinners and the knitters and be inspired. My girls each chose some beautifully-dyed wool which they want to spin:

I wore my capelet, knit with Dagmar spun & dyed yarn. It was a lovely community-gathering event - I recommend it to everyone to experience!

Amy's Love Collection is in......have you been over to see it?! One bolt has sold out already. Starting this Friday, the 16th, you are invited to enter your name in a drawing for a set of fat quarters selected from the collection, just by coming into the store and viewing the fabric. If you make a purchase, you may put an additional entry into the drawing. We'll keep this going for 2 weeks; on Friday, Oct. 30, a name will be drawn to win. Come on, what are you waiting for?! (well, Friday, apparently!)

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Dag said...

suzanne, i had not seen it yet!!! looks great - from a distance in the photo!!