Saturday, July 4, 2009

Back from Girl Scout camp with my daughter and her troop....1st order of business - laundry. We went for 3 nights, outside of Cuba (got to see some hippies in town for the Rainbow Gathering - what an experience that was for a group of 9 yr. old girls!)
All in all, a great time - we rode horses, learned archery, ate more than our share of s'mores, hiked to some breathtaking views of New Mexico, and came home dirty, smelly and full of great memories.
Then, on to our anniversary party! Thursday at the store we had goodies to eat all day long (homemade cookies brought in by Julie and scones from scratch from Peg), giveaways, pick-your-own-discount, and loads of fun. We just keep pinching ourselves that we've been here one whole year!
Customer Katherine came in yesterday wearing her newly-made rainhat and matching tote bag, out of Anna Maria Horner's laminated fabric (which we can't get any more of...) Here's a picture of them - so cute!

Today is the 4th of July - a day off from selling fabric and sewing - no wait, I did sew this morning. I made the Cabo Halter - pictures to come. I love it, but forgot to check Amy Butler's website for pattern corrections before cutting fabric, and lo and behold, didn't have enough. Her website called for 1/4 yd. more than what was on the pattern, so I ended up having to cut almost 7/8 yd. more - ARGH. Live and learn.

Heather and I and about 20 of my husband's side of the family (he's one of 7 - there are no small gatherings) gathered last night at the Isotopes game for the 3rd of July fireworks. Such a fun night - seated around us were Hip Stitch customers, Trader Joe's shoppers (Heather remembers all the faces she encounters), and gals who hadn't yet been to the store but told us they've heard all about Hip Stitch. It made us feel so good about what our little store is all about....a gathering space on so many levels. Speaking of which, the planning is in place for a gathering to remember Heather and Stephanie - date to be announced soon...

And finally, Robyn's latest post had me laughing out loud last night. I want some of Dee Dee's Frito Pie, but can't help but wonder who she is and what's that all about?!

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Robyn said...

I dare you to find out about the Frito pie. Then let me know.

Hope the event at the shop was fun. I have no fabric spending money right at the moment, so I decided to stay away.