Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Signs of February- National Embroidery Month

February is iconic for hearts, flowers, chocolates and….embroidery! It’s National Embroidery Month (or 
International, depending on how far-flung your interests are), a time when stitchy types celebrate the art of embroidery by hand or machine.

In the spirit of National Embroidery Month and that other event for which February is so well known, we’ve got some early Valentine gift for you, Hip Stitchers! All embroidery kits are 20% off through the month of 
Here are just a few of our embroidery kits to tempt your needle:

And if you buy two kits, then choose 2 skeins of our lustrous Cosmo embroidery floss for free!

But back to National Embroidery Month..would you believe there’s a (loose) Hip Stitch connection to how 
this stitchy celebration got started? Here’s the backstory: In the mid-1990s, Hip Stitch staffer Melissa Maher was leading the merry band of writers at Stitches Magazine, a trade magazine for the commercial 
embroidery industry. Melissa says her staff was talking about the various promotional days to gain public 
notice, like National Pickle Day. (Which just happens to be Nov. 14, btw.)  However, there wasn’t anything 
for embroidery.

“Fact. So we started one,” she says. “We just proclaimed it, publicized it, and it was a done deal.” The 
magazine kept it alive with special features each year, but others, like hand embroidery queen Jenny Hart 
of Sublime Stitching, soon picked up on it.  Last year, Sublime Stitching  gave away more than 300 teaching kits to people who promised to teach someone else to embroider. This year, she continues the teach-it 
theme with free patterns.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Quilty Travelers

Hey, Hip Stitchers! We'd like to know what you think about tours and group travel to quilty events. Please follow the link to a short survey, and thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!