Friday, September 29, 2017

Happy National Coffee Day!

Have a cup on us....
win a cup on us!
We've got a pot on this morning....come have a cup.
Spend minimum $35 today and tomorrow and you're entered to win a gift card to a local coffee spot!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

State Fair 2017!

I almost didn't make it this year.  The few days that I slotted to go were filled with other, pressing things to do.  By golly, I was determined, and today, the last day of the Fair, I went.  It didn't disappoint.  From the moment I walked in and smelled the bbq and farm animals, to the taste of the loaded baked potato (thank you, Dana, of Quilt Works, for that food recommendation), to the Sheep to Shawl demonstrations, to running into old friends who each entered pies into the fair, to seeing Mayor Berry at the chicken barn, just hanging out at the was just perfect.  The days are gone when I took little ones to the petting zoo, Old McDonald's Farm, and buying just one special toy or dress up for my girls.  But it still pulls me in each year.

Here are some wonderful creations from customers, employees and friends:

Our own Beth Trujillo won 2nd place for her needlework pillow!

Customer Joyce Freymiller made this sweet dress.

Customer Kathy Duquette's beautiful piece.

The ABQ Modern Quilt Guild received a 1st place ribbon!

Customer Sandy Greenfield's lovely Shibori quilt.

Our own Tisha Cavanaugh of Quilt Icing and her original piece!

This chicken....oh my.....had me laughing.  Don King, the chicken!

Here was another beauty.
Because I ALWAYS have to put in a food picture.  JR's loaded baked potato.  BBQ Brisket on top. Soooo good.

A dear friend I ran into: Gay Gustafson.  
She's been entering her green chile cheese apple pies in the fair for years.  Yum!

And finally, I had to dig up this one, from years' passed:
They're now 19 and 17, and have busy lives of their own....but this was a treasured picture to see today.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sariella and Saki Butterfly Come to Albuquerque

Earlier this month we welcomed Nicole Young and Sarah Thomas of Sariella to Hip Stitch for a weekend of sewing, donuts, and gorgeous fluttery quilts.

The weekend started out with a trunk show where Nicole and Sarah shared many of their lovely quilts and other sewing/design projects. Their fun energy and entertaining personalities just added to the already fun night.

Nicole and Sarah taught a two day workshop on their Saki Butterfly quilt.

The group had a great time and made some beautiful quilts. I hope to share photos of some once they're finished!

They also picked out a few fat quarters to make custom fat quarter bundles, exclusive to Hip Stitch!

available for purchase

available for purchase

Thank you sew much for coming and sharing with us ladies. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Fiber Arts Fiesta 2017

I was thrilled to be able to make it to the fiesta twice this year!  My 2nd visit was with my girl Claire, who, at age 17 now, is a wonderful companion on outings and sweetly patient as I introduced her to the many customers and friends we came across as we marveled at the exhibits.  I'm sure it was not her most exiting outing to hear over and over, "this is so-and-so, who's a rughooker/knitter/quilter/photographer/" and have to hear how so-and-so and I know each other, but she's a trooper and joy to me.
I gave her my cell phone and instructed her to take pictures of quilts that SHE likes.  I wanted this documentation to be about what her eye was drawn to.  Some quilts we both loved, some she loved and I was so-so about, and vice-versa.
She learned that she is drawn to ombre/spectrum of colors.  We both loved those that spoke of social justice.  And we both agreed that we need more hours in the day to do some creating of our own.
She'll be a part-timer at Hip Stitch this summer, as well her sister Jane.  I couldn't be happier.
Here's what she took:

 Katherine is a Hip Stitch customer, and I ran into her after seeing this quilt - she talked about her nervousness about having her quilt at FAF with all the other magnificent quilts.  To me, THIS was magnificent:

Rod Daniel's quilt, Pulse, made after the Orlando nightclub shootings:

Renee Hoffman's winning quilt, which Hip Stitch was proud to be the sponsor of this award:

(and for those of you who wonder which girl is which, here's Claire with her friend Will:)

We'll see you soon at Hip Stitch!