Monday, July 13, 2009

Is my wife at Hip Stitch?!

We had our 1st call from a husband looking for his wife on Saturday. I just love that he'd think to call Hip Stitch to find her! Who is she? Why Delia, of course - one of our very favorite people (I know I say that about a lot of you, but it's true) Delia 1st came to our store a few months back. She's one of those people who just lights up a room when she walks in. Delia doesn't just enter a room - she glides in, she dances in, she just makes an entrance. And it's not a showy "look at me" entrance. She just radiates happiness and joy. We're blessed to know her. So John, you can call the store anytime looking for her (by the way, she showed up about an hour after he called!)

I made another pair of Wide Leg Lounge Pants yesterday - I had been wearing my other pair waaay to much. I took a picture, but then left the camera at the store today. That and the Cabo Halter, will be posted soon. I loved making the halter so much that I'm going to offer a class for it in August, if anyone else would like to join me in making another!
I had a little class last week for two 9 yr. old girls to make lounge pants. They were so adorable! (the pants and the girls) Here's a picture I took w/my cell phone camera, so it's not great quality:

My girl Jane made a Tie Skirt - she got the idea/inspiration at the Offcenter Arts' Fiber Fanfare Fashion Show - that's a mouthful! One of the artists there creates outfits and purses from men's ties.


dag said...

sounds like everyone is in love with delia...!
can't wait to finally see the halter top!

Anonymous said...

great job, Jane. you put together a wonderful collection of ties--just like the one at the show!