Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two Henrys

First, I'll start with Henry my neighbor down the street. Here's what I know about him: he's widowed, he's in his 60s? (if he's older, he doesn't look his age) He's an artist of many sorts. He and I always wave to each other when I drive down the street. He knows about Hip Stitch and always asks "how's the hippn' stichn' going?" I'm trying to get him into the store one of these days.
So today, my husband Dan calls me and says there's a piece of furniture out on the curb in front of Henry's house, with a free sign on it. Now this is HUGE, because Dan really doesn't support my bringing any more furniture into the house (there was a time when I was a regular at yard sales and thrift stores, scoring great deals and refinishing/recovering furniture)
So he picks it up, and he and I love it! Here's the before....a new coat of paint is in order.
So bear with me, there's more to this story. Tonight at dinner, the doorbell rings, and it's Henry, here to tell us he has yet another piece we can have, one that he thinks will be perfect on a wall at my 'hippn' stitchn'', for thread and other notions. As he walks off from our porch, he does a little Michael Jackson moon dance - quite a good rendition, to be honest with you. I just really like that Henry.

And here's the other Henry - desparately in need of an updated picture, as he's now plump and has more hair and long limbs and smiles and coos. He's now a regular at the store, and not always happy about being there, but we're all glad he is!

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Robyn said...

Awesome find! I love taking someone else's unwanted stuff and giving it a new life.