Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Feeling thankful for stress reducers

I'm dog-tired. I spent the morning painting a classroom for a friend, and though I love painting and it was fun putting color on walls, my body aches. I'm also feeling a bit stressed about various junk that will eventually sort itself out, but the stress is there nonetheless.
So, tonight I sewed - cheap therapy. I made this patchwork tote, from Sew Simple magazine. I had all the scraps around my house, so I was able to piece it together. I lined it with duck cloth, to give it extra body and sturdiness. I just love it!
My other stress reducer? My husband is in the other room, playing the piano. It's his stress reducer, too, I think. He plays lively tunes, and classical music. Once in a while my ear will recognize a song, but mostly I don't and I just relax and listen.
So for today, I'll put down in my gratitude journal (I don't have an actual one yet, Oprah - only in my mind...) I'm grateful for the ability to sew, and my piano-playing husband.

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Bethany Dawn Burns said...

The tote you made is AWESOME! I love the colors