Sunday, July 19, 2009

After -
Today as we prepared to hike out. Here's me & Jenn looking at our beautiful view once more:
Our campsite:

Well, this trek was just fabulous - the scenery, the peacefulness, the kids playing and time with family far outweighed my nervousness about taking this on.....and yes, I survived my biggest fear (no need to go over that yet again!)

Here's my brother-in-law's sewing project - waterproof, tear proof drawstring bags made from Fed Ex bags. He's quite an avid backpacker, and in doing various research on the internet, came up with a tutorial for these, got out my sister-in-law's sewing machine, and went to work! He said he'd come by the store sometime and give us a lesson in this project.

Sewing's NOT just for chicks!

I'm off to take a dose of Ibuprofen and enjoy my comfy mattress once again.


Dag said...

welcome home - I want to know more!

Anonymous said...

yay! you did it. i'm so envious. this is on my list of things to do when the boys get older. see you soon