Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Two tragedies struck Albuquerque in the last few days, hitting close to home in the art/knitting/sewing circles of our town. Stephanie Anderson, who was shot during the Denny's robbery, was an artist who worked with Offcenter Arts. Heather Reu, who was killed while bicycling Monday night, was a mom to 4 young children, customer at Hip Stitch, sewed, knit, and as we've been hearing the stories coming in to the store, was an amazing, energetic woman.

I'm in such a state of shock and not understanding the senseless-ness of it all. Why them? Why did this have to happen? I can't even begin to feel for what their families are going through.

For now, while we all go through this feelings of helplessness and grief, we at Hip Stitch are working to arrange a day here at the store where friends and acquaintances can come and grieve together and remember these 2 women, whose lives were cut so unbearably short.


LopsidedMom said...

Heather touched so many lives - what a wonderful way to honor her memory. I'm happy to help spread the word.

Patrick said...
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Patrick said...

Heather's memorial service is today at 1pm at the 1st Presbyterian Church in downtown ABQ.

Robyn said...

It's strange how many people I've run across that knew Heather. I didn't personally and I know her death has a lot of people grieving.