Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

My sewing machine - MY machine, that I keep at home and once in a while take into the store, has not been in my home since the week before Christmas. It's been at Hip Stitch, having been used as our lounge was transformed into Santa's workshop. So many gifts to finish. One of the best I received was a sewing machine cover made by my 12 yr. old, out of Capri Sun-type juice boxes. (A photo will arrive when my new camera arrives....see below)

Sooo, I have not sewn at home since before Christmas. This is huge for me. On average, I sew in the evening at least 2-3 nights a week. It's my down time, my quiet time, my evening therapy. And though I haven't had a great urge to sew at home over the holidays....rather, I've been eating, and knitting, and eating some more, and gathering with friends, and reading the Twilight series (thanks to my friend Melinda, who handed me the books and told me it was time I read them) I now really miss it. So one of the projects I want to begin this year is this pattern of Amy Butler's.

A new camera!! I've been wanting a new one for sooo long, and this one is on it's way from Amazon. I'm so inspired by Ellen and her lovely photos, and though I don't think I'll commit to a photo a day (oooh, how I'd love to), I can at least get some great shots of what's being made at Hip Stitch!

So excuse me now, while I find out what's going on with Edward and Bella, and escape to my fantasy world for a bit...!


Robyn said...

Yes, yes. I see you're not inspired by MY photos. I cannot imagine why.

I loved the Twilight series. I don't care if they are for tweens.

Ellen said...

Yea - congrats on your camera! :) I'm having sewing withdrawal too, and I got a sewing machine for Christmas!! I'll be in soon...