Saturday, January 16, 2010

Women, food, & crafting - the perfect bond

Last night was craft night. Seven women came, to knit and sew. Two worked on a quilt to donate to Project Linus, 2 made lunch bags:
an idea from this calendar that I bought for craft nights, 1 knit, 1 made a tablecloth from our laminated cotton, and 1 worked on a drawstring bag.

See those gals in the photo above? The one on the right won a trophy from the State Fair when she was a young girl in 4H for SEWING! How cool is that?!
Today was part 2 of the Take 5 Quilt class. The ladies put together their blocks and then began to choose how they would be arranged. Oh my gosh, they looked soooo good! I'm loving seeing how they progress.

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