Friday, January 22, 2010

Monday night we had a private party in the lounge - a group of wonderful ladies who have been friends for about 30 years (almost the whole group). They meet regularly, and got together to sew aprons. I was a fly on the wall - they had grown children, and though their lives are very different than mine right now, I could see myself in 15-20 years, gathering with friends I have now. These gals had a contentment about them - they weren't in the throes of shuttling children around, worrying about their friends, hoping they'll grow up alright in this world of ours.....rather, they'd done their jobs of mothering and raising their children. I'm sure there are still worries and challenges, but just.....different ones.

Thank you, ladies, for hanging out in our lounge, for your fun evening in which I shared a small part!

Here are their aprons:

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