Sunday, January 10, 2010

What's being made

Here's a picture from the 1st session of the Take 5 Quilt class we hosted this past Saturday. Even though Jen & I didn't officially take the class, as we manned the store, we eavesdropped and snuck in & out of the lounge, and learned so much from Kathy, the instructor! She went over choosing colors, and patterns, and what your eye is drawn to when looking at a quilt with many blocks. I can't wait to make my 1st quilt one of these days!

And speaking of the class, this one filled - 4 Saturdays in January. We've opened up another in February, which still has slots.

Here's the fabric I picked out for the Liverpool Tunic. I cut it out tonight while watching BBC Earth - a Christmas gift for our family from a friend. Trouble is, my 9 yr. runs out of the room whenever it goes on. She's terrified of the natural food chain - can't watch preditor and prey.
What I learned tonight while cutting fabric: the male ibex, a long-horned goat which habitats in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, will battle other males to determine dominance. They clash horns for up to an hour to determine who wins. The winner gets a harem (pronounced "hareem" by the British narrator) of female ibexes following him around. But I digress.
And here's lovely Portia, modeling the ruffled scarf she made with our new voile by Anna Maria Horner. So, so pretty!

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Paula said...

I'm so excited to the the Take 5 Quilt class in February - it sounds awesome!