Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some of our favorite things

OK, we've all seen many gift guides this season - in blogs, in the newspaper, in magazines. Here are just a few of our favorites this year:

Kim Scott, a fabulous designer of skirts, has an etsy shop, and is also one of our December artists of the month: See that photo above? That's MY skirt, made by her. I have to restrain myself from wearing it every single day. I think I need to put in a request for another. She adds a flirty ruffle at the bottom, lines them with a lightweight cotton solid, and has an elastic waistline to give it comfort and casual-ness.

Ann Brotman, creator of Burst of Color, makes re-usable snack bags. Let me tell you, they're becoming all the rage about town! I send my kids - and husband - off to school each day with their sandwiches packed in them. At the end of the day, I shake out the crumbs (or wash out the jelly), and they're ready for the next day.
My 12 year old, Jane, requested them to "gift wrap" her gifts for friends - you know, lip gloss and socks and candy - things we gave when we were 12! Here they are, ready to take to school:

Portia Perdue, who makes Perdoozy aprons: Portia has sold over 1,000 of them on etsy, and each is put together with an eye for color and hip-ness and a hint of retro and loads of style! Now, I know she's ready to close the shop to be able to have a relaxing Christmas with her family, but she's one to keep in mind for gifts throughout the year!

That was just a tiny tiny sampling of the many local artists whose wares we love.....we hope to post a few more in the next few days!

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Michelle Dooley said...

How do we find or make the re-usable lunch bags? I would love to make some of these for my daughter's pre-school auction.