Friday, December 4, 2009


Congratulations, Ellen! Our sweet, lovely customer, friend, and store photographer, had baby #3 Tues., Dec. 1. We've been waiting excitedly to hear the news, and her husband called yesterday to give us the details. I'm not giving ANY detail, 'cause I want her to do that on her blog.

My firstborn, Jane, was born Dec. 16 (she'll be 12 this year!!). There's nothing like a newborn babe in your arms as you snuggle in to celebrate the holidays!


Robyn said...

Hello! Yay for babies! I really wanted to attend the craft show this weekend but I had a debilitating headache that is just now easing up. I'm sorry I missed it.

Ellen said...

Thank you! We're enjoying being home and settling into our new "normal" with three little ones...I'll be in soon to introduce him! ;)