Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm loving......

Gardening time.....I planted this morning basil, oregano, and cilantro. (and my morning had so many things on its "to do" list that I forgot to show up at the store to teach a class....thank you Jen, for stepping in...!) The cilantro is always seems to be a very sensitive plant and the sun has fried it in the past. So we'll see. I could subsist on basil all summer, well as....... yogurt "parfaits" - Trader Joe's French Village Vanilla yogurt, chopped strawberries and/or blueberries, with Trader Joe's Mango Passion Granola mixed throughout. Heaven.

Summer wear - this is a 1973 pattern I picked up last summer at a yard sale. The perfect fabric finally arrived (ahem, at Hip Stitch) The pattern was not easy to follow - techniques were different than today, like interfacing not attached right away to the facing pieces like in today's patterns, so I made changes as I went. My husband said I look like I stepped out of the movie Edward Scissorhands. (What does that mean?! I haven't seen the movie!!) Will someone please explain it to me?
Anyhow, I love the dress - I feel so, well, groovy wearing it!

Here's the pattern:And now I can reveal the birthday gift I made my dear friend Lisa, who revealed to me that she READS the blog so I couldn't post this until I gave her the gift. I made her the Weekender Bag, and though it's a pretty difficult project, I love the result, and would actually make another!
Happy Birthday, my friend - I'm very proud that I got your gift to you only one month and one day after your birthday!

We're just about ready to post the May calendar, which includes a class on making a Yoga Mat bag, and the Weekend-Away Travel Bag, on a day/time that I hope you can make, Robyn!

Oh, on a side note ('cause I never digress..) last night was the preview - for parents - of the puberty movie being shown next week at school to 5th graders. Oh my goodness, I was taken right back to 5th grade myself and had to fight the giggles all through the viewing. Now it's real - I can no longer avoid that my kids are growing, and I have to keep a straight face when I explain things that might come up, and I have to use the right words for body parts! What kind of mother am I?!


MrsCatHead said...

You have inspired me to eat more than just a banana for breakfast! I'm now chowing down greek yogurt with honey and raw granola...sometimes I add in some fruit if we have it.

Great dress, by the way!!!

MrsCatHead said...

You looked so great in that dress yesterday! It really suits you :)