Monday, May 4, 2009

Henry's arrived!

Jen delivered 7 lb. 14 oz. baby Henry today, via c-section. He's quite perfect, from what I could see through the nursery window.....long toes, a bit of dark hair on his head, just adorably pink and rosy. Hmmm.....I'm seeing some cute little Oliver & S patterns made up for him....Congratulations to the Dean family! (I asked her at the hospital if she'd be in for her shift at the store at 2:00 today, but she just ignored me - smart woman)

Take one 11 yr. old pair of hand-me-down denim shorts that are too short for her taste.....and a handful of scrap fabric:

Voila - a "new" pair of pants that she was so excited to wear to school! She's still deciding if she likes the 'unfinished' look at the hem.

Our Spring Soiree & craft fair this past Saturday was quite successful! If you came, it was great to see you, and thanks so much for shopping. Such neat homemade items - from baby onsies to diaper bags, coffee cozies to lavendar and mint-scented eye pillows, skirts, journals, jewelry, baby blankets....I'm always so amazed at the talents of so many and I love love love to encourage shopping locally - we hope to do this more regularly!

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