Saturday, May 9, 2009


Last week I headed into the city....Nob Hill/UNM area, that is. For a suburbia gal like myself, this was a big deal....lots of traffic on Central, finding a parking spot (I successfully parallel parked, for which I was famous when my friends and I would head to Georgetown in D.C. 22 years ago in my mom's VW beetle convertible, and only I could squeeze into spots no one else would attempt), and walked around Nob Hill, feeling so, well, like a city girl!

I went to The Designer's Lounge, and met Teresa and Patty, owners as well as mother & daughter. I've been meaning to get down there for months and meet them, and they are really great women who have a beautiful lounge/studio and got to see some of their fantastic creations!

I then went to Papers, to shop and say hi to Erin, a Hip Stitch customer who works there all the time (so she says!) I just love that store, and found a great, well, paper, to hang on our wall. I parked a few blocks away, and walked through the neighborhood a bit, dreaming a bit of living in one of those quaint little houses and being able to walk everywhere....such is the downfall of living in the suburbs - not enough opportunities to walk to where I need to go!

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