Sunday, April 5, 2009

Signs of spring!

Here's what was just outside our bedroom window this afternoon:
We'd been watching this nest for the past few weeks, as the mama robin sat patiently on her eggs. We stealthily snuck peeks through the window, trying our best not to scare her away. What a neat sight to see the newborn birds today! My daughter Jane took this photo - pretty cool!
And the dress is done - here's Claire modeling it:
1st communion is still a few weeks away, but she nudged me along, making sure I finished it in plenty of time....nudging is what I need to finish projects!
Happy Spring!


Robyn said...

I love the birds! How lucky. I am especially fond of robins for obvious reasons. ;)

KaraakaMrsCatHead said...

That dress is so lovely. :) (