Monday, April 13, 2009

More good things

Here's Miss Ann and the tote bag she made:

It was a quite a project, but came out beautifully, loaded with pocket and heavy duty interfacing. She took a class at Southwest Decoratives (fabric from there, also, and we still let her into the store even though she cheated on us!!) Good job, Ann!

And another good thing - baby boy Dean is just a few weeks away from making his appearance. Jen goes tomorrow to get her c-section scheduled. We can't wait!

And more on my obsession with the baby robins outside my window: all 3 are doing just fine, and now have quite a fuzzy coat of feathers. Mama is taking good care of them - I hope to be able to document them until they learn to fly!

A delivery from the UPS guy today: all Amy Butler fabrics - a number of bolts from the Nigella line of home dec., as well as Lotus, Belle and Daisy Chain - some that we thought were just swell!

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Anonymous said...

I loved visiting Hip Stitch last week, what a fabulous store. THANKS for showing us around...and I love the two books I purchased!