Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good Things

Alright, now I hardly EVER do these things - you know, forward on an email that tells you to "forward to 7 people", or do those lists and pass them on.....but I was on a blog I like and she's doing a week of "Good Things".....listing a few things each day that are, well, Good. So here goes:
*the baby robins outside my bedroom window bring me endless happiness as I spy on them.
*my best childhood friend is coming to visit tomorrow, from Delaware, and I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! We met when she was 5 and I was 6, and though it breaks my heart that we can't live closer, I'm going to relish every moment we have together on her short visit.
*I broke out sandals today, and felt so light and breezy and I can't wait for summer!

Jen is making the Flower Girl Dress from Weekend Sewing for her 2-going-on-10 yr. old (that girl is so darn smart it's like talking to another adult sometimes) She cut out the fabric, and found that it didn't call for enough in the pattern directions. Grrrrrr......we're having many little frustrations with this book, but I still love it and will still continue to make things from it. Any one else have some insight/feedback?!

Speaking of smart little girls, a wee little one named Delilah was in the store today with her mom and grandma - I think she was 2? Anyhow, she sat and sewed with the lace-up cards we have for kids, which many kids don't have the patience to sit and complete a card. Little Delilah was so adorable, sitting and 'sewing' - I was very impressed with her stick-to-it-ness and her fine motor skills - such tiny little hands - such a cutie-pie. Kids never fail to impress me.


Anonymous said...

such a great picture! good job, Jane. the sounds of spring are definitely in the air and lucky you to have them just outside the window :)

Flower Girl Dress Mom said...

Making the flower girl dress should be interesting!