Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wow it's hot!

Nothing like stating the obvious - I think it was supposed to hit 97 today. Jen & I found (yesterday) an adorable little bistro/cafe table and chairs for the store, thanks to her stylin' sister, Jessica, who gave us a heads up as to where to find it!

The massive tables for the lounge are just about done - we put a coat of stain on today...we're itchin' to get them in and start sewing on them!

Heather found a similar place to ours in Denver, CO - check out www.fancytiger.com. I looked at their pics. of fabrics in the store and guess what - they're gorgeous and we have many of the same!! It's great to see other women with the same passion and vision!

Tomorrow is Day 3 of Vacation Bible School for Jen and I - it's a whirlwind week!

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