Saturday, June 21, 2008

Eleven days...

Yep, it's really eleven 'till opening. Let me take a moment and breathe....o.k., that's better.

Last night I was finally able to place our 1st order for notions for the store. What's that, you say? Why did we wait until 11 days before opening to place our notions order?! Well, I won't go into the long saga, but the company that we're working with (will remain unnamed), has awesome products, great wholesale prices, but has been lacking in the "getting our account going" aspect - we started in April trying to contact them and establish an account. It finally happened this week. Very frustrating, but hopefully we'll have some notions on opening day; ift if not, soon thereafter!

The tables are in the lounge - they're fabulous! We can't wait this week to do some sewing!! Get some demo items made, aprons for us "employees" to wear.

We still plan to have a sneak peek open-the-doors-before-July 1, so check back for when that will Friday night? next Sunday night? Let's see how the week goes....I can't wait to have 2 gals in particular see the fabric - you know who you are - fellow Amy Butler groupies!

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