Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hip Stitchin'

The sign is up!! Which is equally thrilling and terrifying - now ANYONE can drive by and see who we are...which we learned yesterday. Jen & I were working at the store when we had a young man stop in who was more the "hip hop" type than the "hip stitcher". He was very nice, and wondered about what we were all about, and asked a sewing question. Jen's husband, Michael and I had the same thought at the same time - we had never considered that a passerby might interpret the our name as hip hop, which would draw in quite a different customer than we imagined. I say this not as a negative; just, well, different!

Today Jen & I have a Room Rehab job. (did I mention our former & current occupation?) Check us out at www.room-rehab.com. We're faux painting a dining room. Heather is off work from Trader Joe's, so she's picking up where we left off on the to do list.

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