Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saturday at Hip Stitch was the Notepad Cover class, taught by Lois Warwick.  I didn't have my camera, but whipped out my cell phone to get a picture of this one, made by Julie.  She chose Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush for the outside:

It was stunning!  Alas, I didn't get shots of the other ones made - but they were just as adorable.
It's that time of year......Halloween costumes!  This may be my last year of making costumes for my girls.  Actually, only one - my 7th grader, Jane, will probably just throw something together, because  I don't think it's all that cool to wear a costume sewn by mom anymore!
(no, my feelings aren't hurt)
So for Claire, I'm making this:
Now, before you start thinking I'm making a trampy costume for my 10 yr. old, I'm going to alter things a bit to make her into this LITERARY character:

Violet Baudelaire, from Lemony Snicket.  So I'm making the LONGER version on the pattern, and we're going to add some sleeves and maybe some fishnet hose on her arms? (I think that's be the easiest thing rather than trying to make long sleeves out of fishnet fabric)  And then I'll cry because my Halloween-costume making days are coming to an end......or maybe I'll feel a sense of relief, too!

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