Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kids & zippers & lots of fun

Saturday wrapped up Part 2 of the zippered bag class for kids.  The girls left with finished bags, all different fabrics, all with different experiences to remember.  Hannah learned how to change a machine needle, as hers broke on a zipper.  Natalie, who'd never sewn before this project, finished Saturday and went on to make an apron for herself - no pattern, just an idea in her head.  Aline, a very experienced sewer, patiently waited at times as I helped the newbies, and took the time at the end to hand-stitch a spot where the zipper end showed through her bag (this greatly impressed me....her attention to detail)  Cambree learned that sometimes, the backstitch function on a machine just DOESN'T work!!  Emma finished her bag and was so excited to keep sewing that she whipped up a mini pillow, stuffed and all.

So here they all are, with finished bags:

All in all, a good afternoon.....and I hope to work with them again, because they were just so darn fun to spend time with!

In the meantime, fabric that's on it's way to the store:

I ordered 7 bolts of my very favorite colors and patterns from this collection.....I didn't love ALL of it, but it was hard to narrow down what to select.  I hope it will be here by end of week!

Hope to see you at the shop soon!

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