Monday, November 10, 2008

A quote I love and creations for my kiddos

Here are samples of the men's tie pattern that's so easy-peasy to make:

Thanks so much to Pastor Harold, our landlord, who came down to model a tie 'cause we needed a man!

So, my family again went to the Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe - it's becoming a favorite of ours to go to on a Sunday afternoon. My girls love weaving at the Needles + Pins exhibit, and we all love to wander through the miniatures room. It just feels like we're tourists on vacation when we go. So, yesterday, I sat and wrote down what was written on one of the placards on the wall. It's as follows:

"The recent popularity of knitting, crocheting, needlework and sewing among a younger crowd points to a rennaisance of interest in the handmade garment. Personal aesthetic expression embedded in the culture and society of the times is a universal impulse. In 21st century North America, the urge to make something flies in the face of the mainstream, mass-produced consumer culture, signaling an understanding of the human connection wrought by the work of the hands."

I don't know why, but that spoke to me. Summed up why Hip Stitch came into existance, why we love this store and what we do and why we do it. There I go, rambling again....

And here's a shot of my girlies in Hip Stitch handmade items: Claire, who makes her own scrunchies....these are made out of our Tina Givens ladybugs line. The messy hair is just part of her these days.

Jane, who chose Michael Miller's Apples & Pears for a new pair of pajama pants. (look closely and see that the pattern on the fabric is upside down - an fabric estimating error, but she loves them all the same)


Robyn said...

Those apples pants are great -- I made a bag out of those for my friend, and her boyfriend has never stopped pleading for a suit made out of that fabric. He'd love the pants.

Erin said...

Honestly I can't wait to come in. I tried to come by one day but it happened to be a freak occurrence of a Friday closure...I love your stuff!