Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good Grief - the holidays are approaching!

Let's start with this website: Will you take the pledge?! I admit, it'll be tough with some recipients who ask for specific items for Christmas - my 10 yr. old daughter wants an MP3 player....hmmmm, don't know if that can be handmade.

I'm now going to talk fabric for a moment. I just finished ironing the hem on some curtains that I'm shortening for someone - one of my occasional side jobs. The tag tells me they're from Walmart, made in China, 100% polyester. And the smell that is coming from them as I heat them with the iron is nauseating!! (I machine washed them to pre-shrink) What is that smell? It reeks of toxicity, chemical, just plain horrid. Now, I'm not anti-polyester, and I'm not about to spout off about Walmart and the working conditions in China - this just isn't the place. But how in the heck was this 'fabric' made?! What is it exactly?! Blech!

And on another note, let's get makin' for the holidays! We have lots of ideas at the store for just about anyone on your list - and don't forget - November's craft night is this Friday, the 21st, and Saturday the 22nd is our "come work on your Amy Butler pattern" in the lounge. No excuses for not getting to work!

(A note to Erin - I'm so sorry you recently came by on a Friday and we were closed! We recently changed our hours around....Thursday is our late day; open 'till 7, so please come back if you haven't already!)

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