Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A few nifty hints

Last night I was cutting out a new pattern, and thought I'd pass along 2 suggestions....I'm in the habit of putting my pattern in a big manilla envelope, instead of trying to stuff all the pieces back in the original envelope. Just tape the original envelope onto the front of your new one, and there you have a new pattern envelope!

I read this hint somewhere sometime, and thought I'd take a few extra minutes to do it - refold your pattern pieces with the numbers showing, so when you need them, you don't have to unfold every dang piece to find the right ones!
I'm off to make, not buy, a Christmas gift!


Robyn said...

That's a surprisingly simple but extremely great suggestion! I hate trying to get all those pieces back in.

MrsCatHead said...

Very smart!

juniemarie said...

Hey Suzanne its me Dolores one of Hip Stitches devoted followers! That smell is exactly what you said toxic chemicals. I got a yoga mat from Walmart, cheap, made in China. The first night I used it at my yoga class, I almost died from the fumes. I washed it twice in soapy water, but still had to leave it out in the fresh air (and it got rained on a few times) before I could get the smell out.....and really, I can still detect it. We are killing ourselves with this cheap Chinese crap. I swear, I try to look for stuff thats from anywhere but China. When you do find it, the quality is so much better, but the price is also higher. I should have gotten a decent yoga mat made in Germany. It would have cost me $40 instead of $10......but at least it wouldnt poison me.