Sunday, July 13, 2008

What's to come!

Well, first for some announcements: last week was a bit of whirlwind for us as far a publicity....Susan Stiger, a journalist w/the Alb. Journal, interviewed Heather over the phone for her column in the Business Outlook - it'll be in the Thurs., July 17 edition. I had called the paper a few days before the interview to inquire about a possible story on our new store...we didn't expect it to happen so fast! The photographer came out last week to take some pics. for the story - we'll be curious to see which one will be w/the article!

THEN, quite a surprise - we got a call from Deanna Sauceda/Channel 13, asking about doing an interview for a story to air on her morning broadcast. She's doing a series on saving money in today's economy, so she came w/her camerman and talked to us about how the lounge and store help customers to save money by making their own clothing, etc., instead of spending elsewhere on ready-made products. It was quite an experience! She's a lovely woman and a saavy reporter - was very patient w/me as I experienced the "deer in the headlights"sensation everytime the camera was turned on and she asked me a question. I anticipate some heavy editing on those parts!! So we have to thank Michelle, a very special customer to us, for getting that story going!! (Oh, the story should be aired this Wed./16th, at 6:45 a.m., I believe..)

Anywho, (to quote a friend, Paula's, expression), we look forward to more word getting out about our little place. We plan to place another fabric order in the next week or so - a luscious list that includes Anna Maria Horner, Heather Bailey, and was very hard to narrow down to what we can afford at this time.

We're so glad Jen is back from Oklahoma!! It was a tough week for us all as she was off visiting her in-laws....Heather and I missed her - apologies to her family for frequent calls - and I know it was hard for her to be away so soon after opening....

And lastly, check out the schedule of classes - finally they're in place! Hope to see you at the store!

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Kristina said...

Well I'll be the first on this one - congratulations on a great concept and a great place! I was so happy to drop by with my daughter on Thursday afternoon (we of the matching mother/daughter wrap skirts). I'm thrilled and inspired and look forward to getting to know Hip Stitch better!